Emily Sun next custodian of "The Adelaide" Guadagnini

8 December 2023

Emily Sun with UKARIA CEO, Alison Beare

Internationally acclaimed violinist Emily Sun has been named by UKARIA as the next custodian of ‘The Adelaide’ violin, crafted in Milan in 1753–57 by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini (1711–1786). The instrument was purchased by the people of South Australia in 1955 and is today valued at over US$1M and held in trust by UKARIA. It has previously been played by a notable list of Australian violinists with a connection to South Australia, including Carmel Hakendorf, William Hennessy, Jane Peters, Sophie Rowell, Paul Wright and Natsuko Yoshimoto. The instrument was formally handed over to Emily Sun on Saturday 18 November by UKARIA CEO, Alison Beare.

‘This Guadagnini has a “golden” sound,’ Sun said. ‘I feel very privileged to play on this beautiful instrument, during this fleeting period of its already long life and history. The tone is very warm, dark and rich; very even and homogenous across the registers.’

She added ‘It is my responsibility to understand “The Adelaide” and draw out its authentic sound, rather than impose on it my perception of what it should sound like – it takes time, patience and love to truly understand its depth and possibilities’.

Audiences will have the opportunity to hear Emily perform on the Guadagnini violin with the ASO in Bruch’s Violin Concerto (Friday 22–Saturday 23 March), and in Barber’s Violin Concerto on Saturday 29 June. Sun will also give an intimate solo recital at UKARIA with London-based Australian pianist Joseph Havlat on Sunday 28 July.

Watch Emily play John Williams Theme from Schindler’s List with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for Classic 100 in concert.

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