Upon hearing Lyyra, my heart soared: its vibrant and captivating sound filled me with instant joy.

Barnaby Smith, VOCES8


six-voice women’s a cappella ensemble

Percius is Global Consultant

New ensemble Lyyra looks set to reach a glittering place in choral music’s constellation – it was created by The VOCES8 Foundation to build support and visibility for upper voices and their potential. The group’s sound combines velvety richness alongside starlike brilliance. With a broad texture and exhilarating range of sound, the group’s members specialise in classical, jazz, pop, and folk music from diverse traditions and backgrounds. Lyyra is the only professional six-voice women’s a cappella group in the US.

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Houston plays host to Lyyra’s debut concert on 16 February 2024. The group’s launch day will also be marked by the release of its debut video single ‘When The Earth Stands Still’ by Don Macdonald and the world premiere performance of ‘More Love’, written for Lyyra by Taylor Scott Davis.

Lyyra joins colleagues VOCES8 to perform at the American Choral Directors Association conference in Providence later in February before setting off on its first US tour in April. Preceded by single and video releases, including works arranged for Lyyra by its own members, Lyyra releases its debut EP, More Love, on 10 May in time for Mother’s Day.

Reflective of music, harmony and the night sky, Lyyra takes its name from the constellation which represents Orpheus’ famed lyre. Formed of six exceptional women, Lyyra seeks to redefine what is possible for upper voices in this genre, and to extend The VOCES8 Foundation’s global mission to deliver world-beating concert experiences alongside integrated learning and participation work. Lyyra delivers inspirational, uplifting, dynamic performances and has the desire to make change in the world.

Lyyra is MaryRuth Miller, Anna Crumley, Shabnam Abedi, Elizabeth Tait, Aryssa Leigh Burrs, and Deborah Stephens.

Lyyra is produced for VOCES8 Records by Barnaby Smith and Paul Smith, and its Creative Director is Erik Jacobson for the VOCES8 Foundation USA.

Lyyra's debut single released on 16 February

‘When the Earth Stands Still’ by Don Macdonald sung by Lyyra: filmed by VOCES8 Studios from the VOCES8 Centre in London