Liszt Transfigured: Chiyan Wong's Debut CD

24 February 2017

Liszt Transfigured on Linn Records

We are pleased to announce the release of pianist Chiyan Wong’s debut album on Linn Records, Liszt Transfigured: Operatic Fantasies for Piano. The hugely talented young pianist makes his recording debut with the phenomenally difficult Liszt transcriptions of well-known opera melodies. Following Liszt’s own advice regarding transcriptions, Chiyan concentrates on communicating the spirit and intention of the music whilst applying his own personal touches.

Chiyan reflects: “All the works on this recording contain numerous derivations from the ‘original text’; they are at once inauthentic to the musical text, but are sympathetic to the nature in which Liszt composed. Set against the backdrop of a rapt audience participating in this pregnant silence, we experience, in each of these four works, something akin to Prometheus breathing life into clay and giving it feathered wings, empowering it with the ability to soar. These works are not just crowd-pandering, ovation-mongering show-stoppers. They speculate and ask important questions about the process of creation in music.”

"Linn has a history of nurturing young talent and we’re excited to have Chiyan be a part of that. He joins an accomplished stable of pianists." Kim Campbell, Linn Records

Chiyan recently gave his debut with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra performing Liszt. Upcoming performances include Prokofiev Piano Concerto No.2 and a recital tour including a return to the Singapore International Piano Festival with a programme of Busoni, Mozart, Chopin and Liszt.

To purchase a copy of Liszt Transfigured: Operatic Fantasies for Piano please visit Linn Records. For more information on Chiyan Wong visit his website or follow him on Twitter. To book Chiyan please contact Libby Percival.